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[18 Feb 2005|01:54am]
Due to the overwhelming theft of my icons as of late, i've decided to make this journal friends only. So, if you would like to continue using my icons - please friend this journal, i'l add you back asap.

If you friend this journal and use one of my icons, and don't credit me after sufficient warning - i will delete you from my friends list.

Sorry to be such a bitch, but it pisses me off that something as simple to do as credit isn't done by so many.

And the site that started it all:

I'll be deleting those icons very soon, only to replace them with images that i hope will make her regret fucking with me.


UPDATE: I've added all those who commented so far, as well as everyone who had me added already. This is with the exception of a few people who added this journal, were using my icons - and not crediting me. If you see that i haven't added you, you should now know why.
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