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llikevol's Icons

An off-chute of my journal, llikevol. Just a place to post the many, many icons i have made and plan to make. Take a look at my interests to get an idea of the subjects my icons might be about. Also, i'm always willing to take requests- just leave a comment.

Comment. Credit. Don't Hotlink.
algernon charles swinburne, almost famous, american history x, angel, animal rights, bbw, bill & ted, billie joe armstrong, brat pack, brooding guys, buffy the vampire slayer, cake, camryn manheim, cary elwes, chicago (the musical), clothing nostalgia, comic books, computer graphics, costumes, daria, david and lisa, david lachapelle, dead man on campus, donnie darko, dream meanings, drew barrymore, dyed hair, elf, fashion, felicity, ferris bueller's day off, fight club, fiona apple, foreign accents, franny and zooey, george harrison, gilmore girls, graphic art, green day, grosse point blank, growing pains, gus van sant, hair (the musical), hair dye, happy days, hayden christensen, hercules, human rights, hypochondria, i love the eighties, ikea, insane asylums, intelligence, it's a wonderful life, j.d. salinger, jack black, jake gyllenhaal, james dean, james st. james, jan harold brunvand, jason lee, jeremy miller, jim mahfood, jimmy stewart, joan cusack, joaquin phoenix, john cusack, john lennon, john waters, jordan catalano, jude law, keanu reeves, kevin smith, kieran culkin, law & order, live, long haired guys, m. night shyamalan, macaulay culkin, maggie gyllenhaal, maine, make-up, manic panic, michael alig, michael ian black, michael musto, milo ventimiglia, musicals, my so-called life, never been kissed, no doubt, older men, opposite sex (tv show), oscar wilde, outkast, party monster, patrick fugit, paul mccartney, photoshop, plaid, pop art, pretty in pink, psychology, quills, rebels with causes, ringo starr, river phoenix, rooney, rory culkin, roy lichtenstein, sarcasm, saved by the bell, saved!, say anything..., scott weiland, scream trilogy, se7en, sean lennon, serial killers, signs, simple kid, sixteen candles, spark notes, style, tarot cards, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the 20th century, the beatles, the breakfast club, the frustrators, the living end, the network, the princess bride, the ramones, the strokes, trainspotting, treat williams, typography, unique-ness, unrequited love, unrequited obsession, urban decay cosmetics, urban legends, veganism, view askew, vincent d'onofrio, violent femmes, weezer, weird science, young hercules